The 2007 Hong Kong Prize for Excellence in Journalism

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The hongkong prize is one of the oldest prizes in the world. It was first awarded in 1960, and is named after the city of Hong Kong.

The prize is given to journalists from around the globe, and includes a cash award of up to US$20,000 and a year’s membership at the Hong Kong Journalists Association. In 2007, the winner was China Daily senior reporter Jenny Wang Yuke, who was recognised with four awards in four categories, including Best News Writing (English), Best Business News Writing and Best Science News Reporting.

She won the top award in the Best Business News Writing category for her story titled Embracing a Sustainable World, as well as the First Runner-up prize in both the Best Business News Writing and the Best News Reporting categories. She also won a second runner-up prize in the Best Science News Reporting category for her four-part series on how Hong Kong is putting policies in place to deal with the impact of extreme weather, as the world’s climate suffers from global warming.

Other winners included China Daily’s chief correspondent, Mr. Paul Tang; senior reporters Eric Ng and Zoe Low; and senior photographers Dickson Lee and Zhiqian Chen. In addition, there was a special award for the Hong Kong Independent newspaper’s editorial cartoonist Michael C. Cheung, which was presented to him by former British prime minister John Major.

The hongkong prize is an exciting opportunity for journalists to showcase their work. It also provides a platform for their colleagues to celebrate them and their achievements.

It is the best way for journalists to promote their skills and build a professional network. It can also help them find their niche, and increase their reputation as a journalist.

To win the hongkong prize, journalists should submit articles to the HKJ Association, which is the official organiser of the prize. A panel of judges will decide the winners based on the quality of the submissions.

For more information, visit the HKJ website at

The hongkong prize has been awarded to thousands of Hong Kong journalists since its inception, and is regarded as the premier award for excellence in journalism. The winners receive cash awards of up to US$20,000 and a membership at the Hong Kong Journalists Association, which is the official organiser of this prize.

Some of the most important criteria for winning the hongkong prize are accuracy, clarity and creativity. The judging panel will assess the quality of the content submitted by each journalist and judge it against its own editorial standards.

As the HKJ website says, the hongkong prize “is the highest international prize for journalism.” It is awarded to outstanding news journalists from across the globe who have produced excellent reporting in their fields.

It is the most prestigious award for journalists in Hong Kong, and it is the only prize with a dedicated press freedom committee. It is a sign of the growing recognition that the news industry in Hong Kong and its media need to protect their reporters from legal threats.

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