The Sidney Prize for Southern Literature

Gambling Dec 8, 2022

Founded in 2012, the Sidney Lanier Prize for Southern Literature honors writers who write about the South. The award is named for a 19th century Southern poet. The judges of the competition are Alice Robinson and Julie Koh. The award is valued at $5,000 AUD. The prize is open to any writer at any stage of their career.

The Sidney Award is presented monthly in American newspapers and magazines, and online. Its winners are chosen by the Sidney Hillman Foundation. The foundation sponsors a $500 honorarium and a bottle of union-made wine. It also sponsors a Sidney Award certificate. Runners-up each receive $750. Each runner-up will be published on the Overland website.

The Sidney Award Foundation is committed to economic justice, public interest journalism, and investigative journalism. It has awarded more than fifty awards to writers, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers. Its mission is to foster social, economic, and political justice through education, arts, and civic engagement. Its awards are given out in conjunction with the American Society of News Editors, the Society of Professional Journalists, the National Association of Science Writers, the Association of Alternative Journalism, and the Investigative Reporters and Editors. Its annual ceremony will take place on October 22 in Washington, DC.

The Sidney Award Foundation is dedicated to celebrating excellence in journalism. It offers several prizes to writers, photographers, and journalists for outstanding work in the field. The organization also sponsors a number of honorariums to honor journalists who are engaged in public service. In addition, the foundation has funded the creation of the Hillman Prizes for Journalism in the United States. The Hillman Prizes are awarded each spring. The prizes are for investigative journalism in the name of the common good.

The Sidney Award Foundation has also sponsored the Sidney Black Memorial Engineering Award. This award recognizes contributions to engineering and to society. It is open to female students who have graduated from a BEng program in the University of Highlands and Islands. The award encourages female students to achieve their full potential. The award is supported by the University of Highlands and Islands, the University of Southern California, and the University of Texas at Austin.

The Sidney Prize is also awarded to Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer. She is an author of short fiction and novels, and her work has been published in Storyville and Granta magazine. She is also a recipient of the Canada Council for the Arts. The Sidney prize is also awarded to Mary Bottari, a reporter at the Center for Media and Democracy, who helped spearhead the organization’s investigation into the 2008 Wall Street meltdown. She is also a two-time recipient of the Sidney prize. She has worked on many media outlets, including Al Jazeera America, The Atlantic, and The Nation.

The Neilma Sidney Short Story Prize is also offered by Overland. This award is open to writers of all ages and is named in honor of a longtime Overland editor, Neilma Gantner. The prize is worth $4000 and is open to all writers. Those who win the award will be published in Overland.

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