Using Dominos to Build a Story

Gambling Nov 3, 2023

A domino is a small rectangular wood or plastic block with one side blank and the other emblazoned with dots resembling those on dice. It is normally twice as long as it is wide and its value is based on the number of dots or pips on either side. Dominos are used in a variety of games, most of which follow the same basic rules.

In some domino games, part of the score is determined by counting the number of ends (or ends of a line of play) in a particular way. If a double is played, it is considered to be an end and the count starts at that point in the line of play. This is also true of any spinner tile that is played; however, a player may choose to consider any double that is not a spinner as an end and start at the beginning of the line of play.

The first domino to fall sets the tone for the entire cascade, just as a nerve impulse in your body begins at the end of a neuron and then travels down its axon. The speed at which a domino falls depends on the amount of energy it has accumulated, but once it loses that momentum, it will continue to slide down its row until it comes to rest.

Just as a domino needs to be in the right position before it can fall, a story requires a certain amount of plot and character development in order to progress. Whether you are writing fiction or nonfiction, it is helpful to think of each scene as a domino that has the potential to influence the next scene.

The scene domino is ineffective on its own, but when placed in a chain with other scenes, it can be quite powerful. A writer should be careful to construct a story in this way because it is important for the plot to move at a steady pace. This means that each scene should not be too long or too short, but must be just the right length to allow the plot to flow along smoothly.

Hevesh’s technique for creating domino sculptures is to make test versions of each section before assembling the whole piece. This allows her to be sure that the pieces are arranged in the right place and fit together properly. Then she films each section in slow motion, enabling her to make precise corrections when needed.

While a domino can only be influenced by other dominoes, it does have the power to change someone’s opinion or behavior. This is because of the principle of consistency and commitment explained in Robert Cialdini’s classic book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. This idea is based on the concept that people are more likely to honor their commitments when those commitments are made in line with their own self-image. For example, if a person pledges to eat healthier foods, he is more likely to stick with that plan if his family and friends encourage him in the same way.

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